At Byerly Boards we pride ourselves on pressing the limits of fiberglass technology and board construction. Our "Evolution of Glass Technology" refers to the different internal construction methods we use throughout the line. These technologies and construction methods took years of development and testing to ensure they were perfect before they were introduced.

Our all-new Radius Composite Stringers mirror the perimeter profile of the AR-2, allowing them to work in perfect unison with the Carbon Energy Ring. By aligning the two systems, maximum energy retention is achieved while the board is on edge and then released, for massive pop, as the rider leaves the wake.

When all elements of composite technology work in unison, the result is 6 Axis Perimeter Tension. Our Double Lap and Carbon Energy Ring features create not only a strong edge but also work to harnesses the energy transferred to the board as the rider approaches and then simultaneously combine to release massive pop off the wake. No other construction method in the industry provides the added strength and performance characteristics of 6 Axis Perimeter Tension.

This construction incorporates Carbon and Kevlar stands into a 360 degree rope perimeter. These two elements add strength, explosive pop and responsiveness.

For years Butch Customs has looked at the possibilities full wood cores offer a rider. The problem was always the loss the of the rocker line after limited use. Wood cores always want to revert back to the flat position they are cut from because of their organic make-up. Rocker Lock incorporates small serrations on the top of the core that allow it to flex into place in the molding process. These voids fill with resin locking the rocker line of the board. This new construction allows a rider to experience the lively feel of a wood core without loosing the pop and speed the rocker provides a shape.

This construction utilizes the additional strength created when the top and bottom fiberglass sheets overlap one another at the perimeter of the board. Once fused, the overlapped glass creates a stronger, more durable sidewall. The Double Lap is exclusive to Byerly boards and the first level of fiberglass technology.

Carbon Composite Stringer construction is Scott Bouchard's most advanced addition to the line. This industry exclusive construction utilizes the strength and lightweight properties of woven Carbon by fully wrapping two core segments. These stringers mirror the rocker line creating more energy and rebound than traditional boards. This construction offers true multi-flex zones providing soft tip and tail flex and a preloaded zone between your boots for explosive pop. Due to their tip to tail configuration, the Carbon Composite Stringers also fuse the top and bottom laminates in the most vital area, the rocker line creating the most durable and technical construction available today.


Park Flex- The only choice for the cable park! These boards feature our most flexible feel and a durable construction.


Hybrid Flex- Can't make up your mind where to ride? These boards are a great choice for riders looking for some flex at the park and great pop off the wake too.


Boat Flex- Taking it into the flats? These boards are designed to be responsive on edge and explosive off the wake.

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